Choosing the right curtain pole

When it comes to the curtain rods, people generally bend to overlook and merely select any curtain rod , they come across. But is a vital element of window treatment, which is capable of imparting the much desired finishing touch. Here is the list of guidelines to assist you to choose the right curtain rods.

  1. First step - choose a rod that complement the style of surrounding room and your personal tastes.  Drapery rods must go well with the room.
  2. Next -  to figure out where the curtain rod will be mounted. This will help you decide what type of rod is right. (room size, window size, ceiling features).
  3. Step three - you should decide about function. Functional curtain cornices should not command all the attention. Rails can be hidden from view, or out in the open to serve as an accent. In this case you can use decorative elemes as finials, brackets, rings etc. 
  4. Secondly - this is turn shall vary with the type of curtain you are employing. (Roman curtain, panel curtain or classic type of curtain). This will help you to choose the kind of rod or system.

These steps can be successefully used as a process of eliminating and choosing the correct drapery rod for your home.

If you still can't choose the curtain style, you should do it the same time, because there are a lot of questions also.